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Neighbourhood Plan Timeline

Evidence Building

September 2021 – September 2022

  • Key Stakeholder Engagement
  • Housing Needs Survey
  • Design Code

Drafting the Plan




Preparing policy, writing the draft plan September 2022
Complete preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan policies 1 December 2022
Draft neighbourhood plan prepared 10 December 2022
Parish Council meeting to approve submission of draft Neighbourhood Plan and policies to Stafford Borough Council planners for screening 14 December 2022
Screening results returned from the Stafford Borough Council 14 February 2023
February Parish Council (may require special date to be agreed) to receive screening results and agree to run reg 14 consultation 1 March 2023
Reg 14 consultation closes 4 April 2023
Update plan to take on board Reg 14 consultation comments April 2023
Submit revised plan to Stafford Borough Council 14 May 2023–
Stafford Borough Council – reg 16 consultation Completed mid-July 2023
Agree with Stafford Borough Council who will be appointed as the examiner for the Neighbourhood Plan. June 2023
Update plan to take on board Reg 16 consultation comments End of July 2023
Examination started End of July 2023
Examiners report received – Mid-August 2023
Meeting with Stafford Borough Council – to agree changes because of examination End of August 2023
Referendum September 2023