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About the parish

Our local area

Yarnfield and Cold Meece Parish Council came into being in April 2019 and the first councillors were elected in May; 5 representing Yarnfield and 2 representing Cold Meece. The new council hosted a Parish Assembly in May where residents were able to share their views and ambitions for our community. This formed the basis of the council’s action plan which focuses on 5 priority areas: Communication; Community Engagement; Green Spaces; Footpaths and Pavements; Roads and Traffic. The council meets every month and all residents are warmly welcomed, the first part of every meeting is set aside for questions from the public. Parish councillors and Staffordshire Police also hold bi-monthly drop in sessions.

The parish council is funded through the precept which is collected as part of the council tax. There are some duties which are statutory and must be prioritised, but we believe that we can make a real difference by working with the community and local partners.

We aim to support the wellbeing of everyone who lives here by improving our environment and creating opportunities for people to connect and to get involved.

About the Parish

Yarnfield and Cold Meece Parish is located in Stafford Borough in the county of Staffordshire, 4 miles to the west of the market town of Stone. It borders the parishes of Swynnerton, Eccleshall, Chebsey and Stone Rural.

The parish is made up of 2 wards:

  • Yarnfield which is a large village, classified as a greenbelt settlement
  • Cold Meece, a small settlement adjacent to the Swynnerton MOD training camp

Yarnfield and Cold Meece parish has an interesting history, having been developed during WW2 to provide accommodation for the workers at the vast Swynnerton munitions factory. See History of Our Parish.

The parish has grown significantly since the last census in 2011, with new housing development in both wards but particularly at Yarnfield Park, on the site of the former British Telecom training facility in Yarnfield.

Springfields First School in Yarnfield is a growing village school educating children from 4-9 years, with pre-school and wrap-around care provision on site.

Most older children in the parish attend the middle and high schools in Stone.

The Yarnfield Post Office and General Store is situated in the centre of the village close to the Labour in Vain public house and a busy village hall.

A First World War memorial in the form of a carved Celtic cross is situated in Cold Meece, between Meece Road and Swynnerton Road.

Cold Meece War Memorial

There is a village green either side of Yarnfield Lane, which bisects the village. A children’s playground is located behind the post office off Greenside.

Another children’s playground can be found on green space within the Yarnfield Park development and a skateboard park and outdoor hard court are sited on Yarnfield Parkway.

Staffordshire Football Association runs a thriving football club, hosting many local teams, just to the east of Yarnfield on Yarnfield Lane.